Experimental facility: CVE



HySafe partner: UNIPI
Name: CVE
Type: Vented room
Scale: large scale
Experiments: studies on vented explosions and effects of pressure outside the venting

Technical details

Dimensions: 2.8 m * 2.8 m * 3.2 m
Temperatures: up to 120C
Pressure: up to 250 mbar overpressure
Media: hydrogen-air and methane-air mixtures
Special Features: the size of the chamber allow to simulate real ambient behaviours in case of explosion and to extrapolate the minimum safety value for the vent area as a function of expected hydrogen concentration

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: EXPERIMENTS: hydrogen-air atmospheres vented explosion with uniform or non uniform initial condition; some test variables are (1) vent area; (2) hydrogen concentration; (3) number and location of ignition points (we have eight different ignition points inside the CVE). EQUIPMENT: 5 concentration analysers based on the variation of the thermal conductivity of the hydrogen-air mixtures as a function of hydrogen concentration; range: 0-20%vol. 1 Flow meter based on the heat conductivity; range: 0.3-16 l/s. 2 pressure transducer: piezoelectric; range 0-500mbar overpressure. 9 strain gauges for the measurement of the pressure outside the vent area. 3 thermo-resistances.