Experimental facility: GEFEF (Gas Flow Explosion Facility)

GEFEF (Gas Flow Explosion Facility)


HySafe partner: TNO
Name: GEFEF (Gas Flow Explosion Facility)
Type: flow reactor
Scale: medium scale
Experiments: integrated studies on explosion control and process optimisation

Technical details

Dimensions: 21, 50 and 100 mm tube diameter
Temperatures: 25-300 C
Pressure: Up to 1.5 MPa
Media: Various flammable gasses and inerts
Special Features:

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: The gas flow explosion facility enables research into the effect of the following parameters on the indices that are related to the formation, ignition and deflagration characteristics of flammable gas mixtures in chemical and petrochemical installations: temperature and pressure, flow rate and flow direction, mixture composition, catalytic materials, source of ignition and ignition strength, tube dimensions, and, obstacles within the flow or dead zones. The facility can also be used for more complex and fundamental studies as for example the effect of flow instabilities and precompression on deflagration characteristics and deflagration to detonation transition phenomena. Techniques like laser Doppler interferometry are available to characterise turbulence levels.)