Experimental facility: Large Indoor Rocket Facility

Large Indoor Rocket Facility


HySafe partner: TNO
Name: Large Indoor Rocket Facility
Type: rocket test facility
Scale: full scale
Experiments: Used for testing (large) rocket motors, ramjets, ducted rockets and for special activities, like combustion research, simulation of aerodynamic heating, or base pressure measurements on scaled-down ro

Technical details

Dimensions: Tunnel section dimensions: 4x3.5x30 m
Temperatures: Ambient to 2000K
Pressure: 0-70 bar
Media: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, (dry) air, methane, ethylene, additional gases possible
Special Features: It is possible to mix the air and other gases in precisely controlled ratios. At the same time to total mass flow rate and pressure can be precisely controlled. A heater allows heating of air, or mixtures of gases up 2000 K.

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: The indoor test facility is primarily designed for static firing of tactical missile rocket motors to assess the service lifetime of rocket motors. Withstands explosions of 10 kg TNT equivalent. Sound level reduction up to 40 dB. Active venting system, toxic gases detection possible. Data-acquisition of thrust, pressure and temperature is feasible with: 100 channels up to 100 kHz (HP), 10 channels up to 1 MHz (NI) or 100 channels up to 500 kHz (NI). High speed video recording. Instrument calibration can be performed in-house.