Experimental facility: Sensors and Safety Devices Laboratory

Sensors and Safety Devices Laboratory


HySafe partner: INERIS
Name: Sensors and Safety Devices Laboratory
Type: Environmental testing for explosive/toxic gases
Scale: lab scale
Experiments: Sensors performance testing

Technical details

Dimensions: Test chambers approx. 1 to 5 litres vol.
Temperatures: - 40 to + 180 C
Pressure: 0.8 to 1.3 bar
Media: H2, air, water vapour and up to 3 other gases (e.g. flammable gases,CO,CO2,SO2,NO2...)
Special Features: Reliable method to genarate vapours and mixture of gases / vapors - Environmental control systems to simulate real using context

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: Sensitivity to target gas, influence of climatic factors (temperature, humidity and pressure), cross-sensitivity to other gases / vapours, response and recovery time, ageing and reproductibility, electromagnetic compatibility