Experimental facility: 1 m vessel

1 m vessel


HySafe partner: TNO
Name: 1 m vessel
Type: vessel (closed bomb)
Scale: small scale
Experiments: closed bomb experiments with - higher operating / initial pressure - other substances; for ex. pure oxygen - linked vessel systems (2 times 1m)

Technical details

Dimensions: cylindrical vessels of 0,97 m I.D. and a length of 1,05 m,
Temperatures: ambient
Pressure: maximum static overpressure of 20 and 100 bar
Media: gasses and dust
Special Features: Flanges enable installation of instruments and bursting disks or vent covers etc

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: The 1-m3 explosion vessels are cylindrical vessels capable to withstand a maximum static overpressure of 20 and 100 bar. This makes it possible to do experiments with higher operating pressures or explosions with pure oxygen instead of air. The front of the vessel is closed by a door, the rear by a blind flange. If necessary the blind flange can be replaced by other flanges to enable the testing of bursting disks, vent covers etc. With the two 1 m3 vessels also linked vessel experiments can be performed. The vessel is operated at room temperature. As with the 5-m3 vessel, the 1-m3 explosion vessel can also be used to determine the efficiency of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. These include explosion suppression devices, explosion detectors, and pressure resistant devices.