Experimental facility: IBBC Bunker

IBBC Bunker


HySafe partner: TNO
Name: IBBC Bunker
Type: reinforced concrete bunker
Scale: large scale
Experiments: vented gas explosions

Technical details

Dimensions: "Kitchen” (20 m3) and “living room” (40 m3)
Temperatures: Ambient
Pressure: Pmax 0.35 bar
Media: Gas
Special Features:

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: The IBBC bunker was built to experiment with vented gas explosions in domestic applications. This reinforced concrete bunker has two chambers, which have the size and shape of a realistic kitchen (20 m3) and living room (40 m3). In the bunker, numerous venting experiments have been conducted. Openings in the walls of the bunker can be fitted with vent panels or brick walls in order to test their strength and venting efficiency.