Experimental facility: Large scale Blast simulator

Large scale Blast simulator


HySafe partner: TNO
Name: Large scale Blast simulator
Type: long tube
Scale: large scale
Experiments: blast wave response in atmosphere

Technical details

Dimensions: Overall length 63 m; driver section 3-m long, 0.3 m diameter expanding to 1-m and 2-m diameter
Temperatures: Ambient
Pressure: Max. peak overpressure 200 kPa (side-on) at 1-m diameter sect., max. peak overpr. 60 kPa (side-on)/1
Media: Air or Acetylene/Oxygen
Special Features:

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: (1)studying blast wave/structure interactions (2)target load and structural response measurements (3)testing of window panes of different type and dimensions to determine explosion resistance capabilities (4)determination of the dynamic behaviour of brick walls (5)blast hardness trails on blast-resistant walls and doors (6)blast hardness trails on scale models and small full scale models (gas masks) (7)studying the effectiveness of blast walls in reducing impulse noise from large caliber weapons