Experimental facility: Test Facility 3 (TF3)

Test Facility 3 (TF3)


HySafe partner: TNO
Name: Test Facility 3 (TF3)
Type: H2/O2 igniter test facility
Scale: full scale
Experiments: Testing small rocket motors, igniters (including acoustic igniters), combustors and other devices that require hydrogen (or oxygen) such as for developments in hydrogen technology

Technical details

Dimensions: The TF3 has a test unit which is 4 by 6 meters and 2.5m tall.
Temperatures: The TF3 operates at ambient temperature
Pressure: The TF3 can deliver pressures from 0-220 bar with an increase to 300 bar possible
Media: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
Special Features: TF3 can provide high mass flow rates of hydrogen and oxygen in very wide pressure ranges. The hydrogen storage is 240 nm3, oxygen storage is 240 nm3.

Experiments - Equipment

Experiments: This facility is in operation for experimental propulsion tests. The performance of the Vinci motor igniter (H2/O2) has been tested using this facility. The TF3 is equipped with a gas supply system which can supply oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen with feed pressures up to 22 MPa. The maximum obtainable mass flow rates for the Vinci test set up and other relevant characteristics are 100, 20 and 100g/sec respectively.