Vision, Mission and Objectives



Hydrogen will be introduced as a safe and sustainable energy carrier.



To facilitate the international coordination, development and dissemination of hydrogen safety knowledge by being the focal point for hydrogen safety research, education and training.



The objectives of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety HySafe are to:

  • Promote cost effective, coordinated research in the field of hydrogen safety,
  • Create and maintain a forum for communication between stakeholders,
  • Facilitate the coordination, maintenance and future development of competitive and innovative infrastructure for hydrogen safety research in Europe,
  • Transfer knowledge from research to education and training, by providing integrated resources for the training and continuing education of engineers, scientists and other stakeholders,
  • Effectively disseminate knowledge via communication/information platforms to all stakeholders, thus contributing to public acceptance of a hydrogen economy, and
  • Provide support to the EC, governments, industry, HFP, JTI, RCS organisations, etc., in the field of hydrogen safety.