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Description Of The Business Model

The main aim of Hysafe’s business model is to market and sell the services and products developed within the network in order to utilise the revenues to sustain the structure and expand the R&D activities of the network. In this manner the results achieved so far can be maintained and broaden through new research activities.

HySafe's products and services can be divided in two groups: sustainable and not sustainable. Some of the activities currently being performed would generate enough income (through fees and revenues) finance themselves. This is for example the case for the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety. Some of these activities would actually generate enough revenues to enlarge the HySafe entity's with earned profit. This profit could be then use to finance further activities or to pay for some of the non sustainable products and services within the HySafe offer.

For the non sustainable products and services a project based funding is necessary in order to secure enough resources to implement this measures. Applying for other European projects and initiatives would be one of the many possibilities to obtain the required capital to boost the HySafe offer.

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Page last modified on March 02, 2007, at 04:49 PM