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Welcome to the IEF Wiki (Integration of Experimental Facilities)!

Participants of the 7th IEF Workshop lost in the Juelich Forest.

We'll try to enhance the WP internal communication by setting up this page. Feel free to include your ideas or proposals into this feature. If you have any technical question please don't hesitate to contact me immediately (! Ernie

News & Deadlines

  • The next (8th) IEF Workshop will take place in October 2008 at UNIPI, Pisa, Italy.
    Topic: Safety aspects of hydrogen experiments in facilities.

IEF Documents

Overview of on-going experiments




  • Status: REKO-4 facility under construction
  • Schedule: Finalisation of construction: early 2008

Internal Projects

Studies on the effect of flow rate on H2 sensors (CEA/INERIS)

  • Description: ...
  • Interested partners: (please specify: organisation, contact person, interest, possible contribution)
    • Ernie Reinecke (FZJ)
      We are looking for an appropriate hydrogen concentration measurement system inside a large vessel.
      We could perform tests in a flow channel under well defined conditions on transient and long term behaviour of the sensors.
      Influence of flow rate, temperature (RT-120C), humidity could be evaluated.
    • David Hedley (HSL)
      We have acquired 12 TCG3880 mini-katherometer sensors. Work is in progress to design a housing; one sensor has already been damaged by rough handling.
      Crude work to assess the sensor performance for flow and temperature sensitivity has been performed. This needs to be refined:
      (1) the difference between flow and pressure sensitivity for a diffusion housing;
      (2) the effect of flow on a free sensor;
      (3) a possible heat sink effect caused by a housing.
      Further work on sensor response time and housing dead volume is needed. A calibration procedure is required.
      An amplifier with zero and gain settings is also under consideration for more remote sensing.
    • xxx, name

Studies on laser ignition (FZJ)

  • Description: We want to study experimentally the conditions that may lead to an ignition of hydrogen/air mixtures when using laser measurement techniques. Conditions and measurement set-up will be discussed with interested partners at the next WP2 meeting.
    * Interested partners: (please specify: organisation, contact person, interest, possible contribution)
    • xxx, name
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