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Objectives And Goals

The vision of the European Institute for Hydrogen Safety "HySafe" is to be the European focal point for hydrogen safety.

The objectives to approach this the vision are

  • to provide support to EC, HFP, JTI and RC&S bodies in hydrogen safety issues,
  • to provide or facilitate consolidated educational framework (academic & technical),
  • to provide or facilitate communication/information platform to all stakeholders, and
  • to provide or facilitate research initiation and coordination.

These objectives are identically mirrored in the portfolio of products and services of the institute.

The support for the hydrogen and fuel cell community consists of providing a whole framework and guidance for the safety of supported projects, called Safety Action Plan. On this basis a fair evaluation and a maximum information exchange will be reached. Learning will be eased and double failures avoided.

This close contact to the practical demonstration and implementation projects will help to communicate research findings. Additionally it will keep the education attractive as scientific experts and industry drivers will generate a win-win situation, where science will find financial support for urgent issues and new young researches with new ideas, industry will have best educated engineers and possibilities to outsource the cross-cutting topic safety to a "public" institution.

The research coordination will help to optimise the research efforts. Unwanted duplication of work will be avoided, the best fitting teams can be addressed.

In summary one may derive the following Mission Statement:
The mission of the European Institute for Hydrogen Safety "HySafe" is to promote collaborative activities for the safe development of a hydrogen economy in Europe.

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Page last modified on March 03, 2007, at 01:23 AM