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Player And Stakeholder

All the stakeholder in the supply chain of the possible future hydrogen economy are also potential customers for the cross-cutting safety services.

The supply chain might be stuctured as follows:

  • Hydrogen suppliers
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Hydrogen transport
  • Hydrogen Users (hardware and device producers…)
  • Hydrogen end-users
  • Safety stakeholders (Public, Fire department etc)
  • Infrastructure stakeholders (tunnels, bridges, buildings, garages…)
  • Standardisation Bodies (CEN, ISO,...)
  • Certification and Legislation stakeholders

All the listed stakeholders are potential customers of the integrated services of HySafe and potential users of their propagated products.

SERVICESECLocal authorities/
Nat. Governments
IndustryResearchGeneral public
Access to the HIAD data base XXXX
Access to experimental facilities X (fire departments)XX 
Access to simulation tools XXX 
Digital libraryXXXXX
Web-site on H2 safetyXXXXX
Adviser to the EC, regulatory bodies, local authorities, governmentsXX(SMEs maybe)X
(res. prog. & priorities)
Issuing Best Practice Documents & State of the artXXXX 
Information package (simplified) XX X
Organisation of ConferenceXXXX 
Training institute (academic & “hands on”) XXXX
Contributions to Regulations, Codes & StandardsXXX  

All these customers need support and guidance in safety issues via guidelines to follow the state-of-the-art. The benefit will be an optimised efficiency in safety relevant projects and an accelerated learning via homogeneous reporting.

Best practices will help to implement the highest possible safety level and harmonised standards will help to establish a fair international open market. EINST HySafe will provide the scientific basis which is needed for performance based standards, which are the preferrable solution for the early markets. Regulations will refer to these agreed standards and therefore will be implicitely harmonised.

The public acceptance will be enhanced when products with an evidently superior safety status enter the early market. Avoiding major accidents in the public will help to with regard to avoiding duplication of mishaps.

Possible to quantify customers benefit?

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Page last modified on December 10, 2006, at 01:41 PM