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Summary Products And Services

All products and services represent the necessary ingredients for a focal point for hydrogen safety. Potential customers find one interface representing the state-of-the-art in hydrogen safety, know that they will find the appropriate expert and will have the most efficient fit for their specific problems as not only the product and services are covering nearly all possible needs but also the profile of the represented HySafe partners are quite complementary. Although professional consulting services are not directly provided the potential customer will be forwarded to the corresponding consulting expert who might be a member of HySafe or an external listed in the supporters database.

In summary this means that the presented products and services represent the vital pillars for the scientific and application orientated network, on the other side are promising goods with a high potential for being marketed during early opportunities created by publicly financed demonstration and implementation program of the new hydrogen technologies. Customers will have a one stop shop opportunity with a open and almost public reference character.

The products and services cover the essential process of knowledge consolidation via the coordinated research activities and open up this scientific basis via the broad dissemination and educational activities. The combination of research and (academic) education is extremely effective, a highly modern concept, supported by industry. There are good reasons why even the EC considers to set up similiar constructions like the European Institute of Technology (EIT).

The open and professional an supportive character of the offered services will help to further the trust in the ability to cope with the new safety issues and to support the safe introduction of the new energy carrier hydrogen.

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Page last modified on March 01, 2007, at 05:47 PM