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Description Of Research Coordination

The research coordination will consist of regular gap analyses, prioritisation and road mapping of hydrogen safety related scientific work. The research directions will be published as headlines which communicate to the externals the current directions and priorities. The future institute will continuously exchange with strategic boards of the public institutions to respond on request for research or project support and monitor national and international activities. To this end, delegates in all relevant bodies like IEA, IPHE, HFP, and international standardisation bodies should represent HySafe.

As early as possible small fragments of planned research work should be combined to larger multinational projects with accordingly streamlined orthogonal efforts, and in special cases slightly adapted objectives. A public database of projects and project ideas will support this effort.

In case of a safety relevant public call for research, the future institute shall identify a suitable potential coordinator. It will support this potential coordinator in identifying the necessary infrastructure, including facilities, simulations tools and staff and in developing a most promising proposal responding to this call. Preferentially the whole project proposal should be based on HySafe resources. In particular cases, resources of supporters or listed external institutions could be included.

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Page last modified on March 06, 2007, at 04:49 PM