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There is a growing need for specialists in hydrogen safety engineering. According to the Strategic Research Agenda [1], which acts as a guide for defining a comprehensive research programme that will mobilise stakeholders and ensure that European competences are at the forefront of science and technology worldwide, education will continue to play a pivotal role in spreading hydrogen applications to the broader public until 2050. In the short term outlook from 2005 to 2015, training and education efforts are needed to build the necessary human resources to lead research and to allow a steady stream of trained scientists, engineers and technicians to develop the area. The Workgroup on Cross Cutting Issues [2], dealing primarily with non-technical barriers to the successful implementation of the deployment strategy for hydrogen and fuel cells in Europe, indicates that educational and training efforts are needed during this period to avoid any dissonances that might hinder the building of consumer and non-technical executive confidence. The Workgroup [2] has estimated that during the Framework Programme 7 period (20072013), the educated staff needed may amount to 500 new graduates from postgraduate studies on an annual basis in all of Europe. A preliminary study has revealed that of these 500 new graduates on an annual basis, about 100 professionals are needed with a post graduate degree dedicated to hydrogen safety [3].

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