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Hydrogen Incidence And Accident Database HIAD

The database for Hydrogen Incidences and Accidents (HIAD) has been carefully designed to fulfil the different requirements from public and professional users. The basic concept is to have an open, public interface allowing everybody to enter data with the highest possible degree of detail. Different interpretations of the same incidence or accident are possible. This design was chosen in such manner to induce even the specialist to show that the actual event was understood excluding the repetition of failures.

Having access to a common database with input from a large number of data providers will improve the overall understanding and basis for hydrogen risk assessments and enable the establishment of, for example, generic/historical leak frequencies, ignition probabilities and probabilities for fatalities and injuries. Based on the open interface, professional users might develop their own post processing tools and thereby disseminate the database even in their professional environment.

The public user will receive an impression of openness and professionalism. Thus the database will increase public awareness and trust in the technology and the community itself.

In the following passages the database itself, its competitors and the suitability with respect to the European Institute "HySafe" will be described.

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Page last modified on March 02, 2007, at 05:24 PM