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The International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS) is a biennal event organised by the Network of Excellence (NoE) HySafe, Hydrogen Safety (UE contract SES6-CT-2004-502630 within the VI European FWP) in collaboration with the principal International and European projects and/or Institutions and under the agreement of the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy (IPHE). The ICHS conference series will be something different from all other “Hydrogen Conferences”; in fact it will always focus on safety issues relevant to improve and coordinate the knowledge and the understanding of hydrogen safety. For this reason all the contribution will be evaluated exclusively in terms of safety relevant contents. The ICHS series will help the elaboration and coordination of ideas, information, proposals, and suggestions and will aim at the provision of a basis for the dissemination of knowledge. In this way it will also contribute to promoting public awareness by providing a basis for communicating the risk associated with hydrogen. Moreover the ICHS series will be the one of the principal events where to promote and disseminate all the activities of the European Institute for Hydrogen Safety (EIHS).

For any other information about ICHS 2007, please visit: For the ICHS 2005 edition, please visit: For the ICHS 2005 Proceedings, please visit: or ask for ISBN: 88-8492-314-X For the ICHS 2005 Presentations, please visit:

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