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Taking into account the experience of the 1st ICHS, where no financial losses were registered and where profits were used to organise a second event, and considering that the economic structure of the conference (fees, sponsor, stands, etc.) was dimensioned to obtain the maximum dissemination level with minimum applicable fees (about 400, i.e. the 40-60% of the fees that are applied in other similar events), it comes out clearly that the ICHS series can have a positive balance for the activities of the European Institute for Hydrogen Safety. As an example, taking as reference the number of registered attendants to the 1st ICHS - about 250 people - and presuming to double the registrations, on the basis of similar expenses, we the Conference could produce a profit of about 100.000 . Furthermore, regarding ICHS' sustainability, during these three day events, other products of the European Institute for Hydrogen Safety can also be presented, published and/or sold. In this manner, the conference may serve as a vessel to consolidate the position of the European Institute for Hydrogen Safety against the world wide competition.

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Page last modified on March 02, 2007, at 03:15 PM