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Planning of the next IEF Workshop

Workshop History (under construction)

Basic info

  • Topic: Safety aspects of hydrogen experiments in facilities
  • Place: UNIPI, Pisa, Italy
  • Date scheduling
    results from the questionnaire:
 topicweek 43 - 2008
partnerignition mechanismssafety of experimentsoct20-22oct21-23oct22-24
Fh-ICT x x 
FZJ xxxx
FZK  x  
HSL xxx 
JRC xxxx
TNO xxx 
WUTx x x

Tentative participation and presentations:

partnernb part.techniques usedpresentationsexperimentscomments
Fh-ICT1- risk assessment-- participation in HSL high pressure jet experiments-
FZJ1- risk assessment- safety measures at FZJ hydrogen laboratory- REKO-4 facility-
FZK2- safety vessels from 8 to 160 m3
- gas alarm sensors
- Safety vessels at HYKA FZK, Germany- Radiolysis gas experiments
- Hydrogen jet experiments
HSL1-- Safe explosions--
INERIS1-- Safety measures to investigate the bursting
of H2 high pressure reservoirs
JRC1- CFD modeling for the assessment of safety measures in a typical small scale laboratory
- hydrogen safety sensor testing (InsHyde experience)
TNO2- hydrogen sensors
- working procedures
- forced ventilation
- Safety aspects of hydrogen experiments at TNO Defence, Security and Safety--
WUT1-- Polish regulations on safety in laboratories handling flammable substances--

7th Workshop

partnernb part.Software usedPresentationscomments
Fh-ICT1- Origin for Signal data
- pictures of Highspeed and Thermocameras are computed by manufacturer specific software
FZJ3- Excel for data collection and transforming
- Origin for data analysis
- Data processing in REKO experiments at FZJ 
HSL1- FAMOS for analysis and presentation of experimental data
- MathCAD for design calculations and calibration
- LabView for data collection
- MathCAD: An improved version of Excel?
- Use of FAMOS at HSL for presentation of explosion pressure data
INASMET0- Software "Labview" from National Instruments to acquire measurement and control data of processes
- Software " System 5000" from Vishay Measurement Group to acquire and manage data from strain gauges, thermocouples
TNO2- Software "LMS Test Lab." to acquire measurement data, to present and manage experimental data
- Software "Famos" to analyse, manage and present experimental data
- Software "Origin" to analyse, manage and present experimental data
- Use of software for data analysis and presentation at TNO Defence, Security and Safety 
UNIPI2- DATA ANALYSIS PHASE: Microsoft Access: with this software the Lab-View text-files produced for each experimental test are stored in a database that allows for data elaboration, analysis and comparison
- DATA PRESENTATION: Microsoft Excel and/or KaleidaGraph for the production of graphs, etc.
- Data analysis, management and presentation of fthe experimental data 
WUT1 - Software for data analysis used by WUT 

Tentative agenda

Technical presentations on 'Software for data analysis and presentation'

  • ...

Technical presentations on experiments

  • CEA: Status GARAGE experiments (tbc)
  • FZJ: Status REKO-4 facility
  • FZK: Status HyTunnel experiments (tbc)
  • ...

IEF Internal Projects

  • HSL: Work at HSL on the characteristics of the mini-katharometers as hydrogen detectors (tbc)

Topics WP2 meeting

  • Status WP2
  • Status IEA Task 19 (Nico)
  • IEF Wiki (Ernie)
  • IEF Internal Projects (tbc)
  • ...

Proposals for next topics

  • Measurement techniques for studies on ignition mechanisms
  • Calibration (HSL)
  • Quality systems (HSL)
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