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Closed Lean Non-uniform Deflagration

Experiment ID Closed lean non-uniform deflagration
Short Description Hydrogen combustion experiments in stratified and uniform H2-air mixtures in a vertical 10.7 m3 closed vessel.
What phenomena were studied Flame front propagation and pressure dynamics for top and bottom located ignition sources in both uniform and stratified hydrogen-air mixtures.
What phenomena / effects can be studied Explosion dynamics for flame propagation in and against the direction of concentration gradient.
Instrumentation Pressure transducers, H2 concentration samples, thermocouples to obtain flame arrival time.
Test variables Concentration gradient, average concentration, ignition location. Tests with varying ignition location, for which pressure dynamics is known, are offered for SBEP.
Data description / Data completeness
  1. Pressure dynamics and flame arrival time for top-ignited H2-air stratified mixture, corresponding to average 12.6% H2 concentration (pressure dynamics for uniform 12.8% H2-air mixture is available for comparison).
  2. Pressure dynamics for bottom-ignited H2-air stratified mixture, corresponding to average 13.4% H2 concentration (pressure dynamics for uniform 12.4% H2-air mixture is available for comparison).
Data availability Publicly available.
Source of data / Reference Whitehouse D.R., Greig D.R., Koroll G.W., 1996. Combustion of Stratified Hydrogen-Air Mixtures in the 10.7 m3 Combustion Test Facility Cylinder. Nuclear Engineering and Design, V.166, pp.453-462
Why were chosen Large-scale experiment on hydrogen-air deflagration in closed vessel (published in peer reviewed journal), relevant to realistic scenario of stratified H2-air mixture explosion. Benchmark exercise to evaluate a model performance for flame front propagation in non-uniform mixtures.
Relevance to the project purposes Large scale of the experiment and stratified mixture distribution are relevant to the realistic hydrogen explosion, WP10 “Hydrogen explosions”, IP2 “HyTunnel”.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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