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Deflagration Sphere

Experiment ID UU-01
Short Description Deflagration of 29.5% (by vol.) hydrogen-air quiescent mixture in the 6.37 m3 closed spherical vessel (diameter 2.3 m). Central point ignition source. Initial temperature is 373 K, initial pressure 97 kPa.
What phenomena were studied Pressure dynamics of hydrogen-air deflagration in closed large-scale vessel.
What phenomena / effects can be studied Wrinkled flame front propagation and pressure build up.
Instrumentation Pressure transducers
Test variables Hydrogen concentrations (only stoichiometric mixture is offered for SBEP).
Data description / Data completeness Pressure records
Data availability Publicly available
Source of data / Reference Kumar R.K., Tamm H., Harrison W.C. Combustion of hydrogen at high concentration including the effect of obstacles. Combustion Science and Technology, V.35, pp.175-186, 1983.
Why were chosen Large-scale experiment on hydrogen-air deflagration in closed vessel (published in peer reviewed journal). One of the possible scenarios in practice is deflagration in closed space. Convenient basic benchmark case to evaluate a model performance for: flame front propagation, pressure dynamics and absolute pressure after explosion.
Relevance to the project purposes Large scales of the experiment and initially quiescent mixture conditions are relevant to the problem of industrial hydrogen safety.
Experimental data
Results of simulations Not performed by HySafe
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