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FIKE Experiments

Experiment ID FIKE Experiments in pipelines of diameter 6”/15m (6 concentrations), 10”/25m and 16”/40m pipes
Short Description Explosion experiments with hydrogen in straight pipes of 3 different diameters (All with L/D = 98) were carried out, for the 6”/15m pipe 6 different gas concentrations were applied.
What phenomena were studied Flame acceleration in straight pipes, DDT transition distance if applicable
What phenomena / effects can be studied Flame acceleration in long pipes, DDT
Instrumentation 12 flame detectors are mounted, as well as 3 pressure transducers
Test variables Dimension of pipe (6”, 10” and 16”) L/D=98, and H2 concentration (10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50%)
Data description / Data completeness Pressure result in digital form, flame arrivals will be tabulated.
Data availability Results are owned and will be made available by Fike Corporation, USA
Source of data / Reference Chatrathi, K., Going, J.E. and Grandestaff, B “Flame propagation in industrial scale piping”, Process Safety Progress, Vol. 20, No.4, pp 286-294, December 2001 (Data and details not found in paper will be provided by John E. Going, Fike.
Why were chosen Tests illustrates flame acceleration in pipes.
Relevance to the project purposes Hydrogen flame acceleration in industrial pipes is a common hazard scenario in industry.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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