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GH T35-GHT 47

Experiment ID GHT35-GHT47 (11 tests)
Short Description Partial confinement – simulating a “lane” – consisting of 2 parallel walls at a distance of 3 m with a length of 10m and a height of 3 m. At one end of the lane an additional wall has been installed. The whole volume has been filled with H2/air mixture, enclosed within a very thin PE-foil, with concentrations between 37 and 41 vol% H2. The mixture has been ignited in the centre of the closed end or open end. For the generation of turbulence a fan with dia. 1.25 m and max. efficiency of 24 000 m3/h has been used at the closed end of the lane. The tests have been performed with 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of this maximum value.
What phenomena were studied Flame acceleration under conditions of partial confinement and turbulence
What phenomena / effects can be studied Correlation between flame speed and turbulence. Observation of DDT
Instrumentation Gas chromatographic analysis of mixture homogeneity. 2 types of pressure transducers: 6 piezoresistive and 6 piezoelectric sensors, installed within the lane floor. 3 high speed cameras (2 with view from above, 1 with horizontal view into the lane). Measurement of cold flow field within the air-filled PE-enclosure by means of hot wire anemometer for situation with 100% fan speed .
Test variables Turbulence intensity; Degree of partial confinement; Location of ignition
Data description / Data completeness Film recordings (16 mm) available; pressure/time histories as hardcopies; turbulence data
Data availability Publicly accessible
Source of data / Reference Fh-ICT-report (July 1984): Explosion von Wasserstoff/Luft-Gemischen unter teilverdämmten Bedingungen und unter dem Einfluß einer turbulenten Strömung.
Why were chosen Realistic scenario
Relevance to the project purposes Correlation between turbulence and flame speed; criteria for DDT
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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