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Gex Con 3 D-Corner Test 02

Experiment ID GexCon3D-Corner Test 02, Test 22 and Test 66
Short Description Explosion experiments with hydrogen were carried out in a 50 litre 3D-array of pipes (l = 0.368 m, diameter and pitch varies, see figure below). Ignition in closed corner. Gas concentrations ER=0.94 (test 02), 1.01 (test 22) and 0.97 (test 66). Thin polyethylene sheets keep gas inside array prior to ignition.
What phenomena were studied Effect of blockage ratio for 3D flame propagation.
What phenomena / effects can be studied Ability of prediction tool to take into account flame interaction with geometries of varying complexity.
Instrumentation Pressure measurement in 4 locations (see sketch below), at positions from corner (mm): Mon1=(1, 43, 43), Mon2=(1,175, 315), Mon3=(265,1,11) and Mon4=(350, 350, 1).
Test variables Cylinder diameter and pitch (in other tests more variables are varied)
Data description / Data completeness All pressure in digital form
Data availability Results owned by GexCon and sponsors Norsk Hydro and Statoil
Source of data / Reference Technical Report: GexCon-03-F46201-2-rev01 (confidential)
Why were chosen Tests illustrates well the significance of repeated obstacles to 3D flame acceleration
Relevance to the project purposes Should be highly relevant (same tests with nitrogen dilution will be applied in Mitigation workpackage).
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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