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Gex Con MOGELEG Channel

Experiment ID GexCon MOGELEG channel (exact Test ID will be provided later):

Empty channel (ER=0.75, 1.00, 1.25), Two baffles (ER=1.00)

Short Description Vented hydrogen explosions in a 1.44m x 0.30m x 0.30m channel on a table without or with 2 baffles (B2, B4) of 5 cm height and full (30 cm width) at location 0.48m and 0.96m from inner wall. Ignition centrally at the inner end. Concentration variation provided for the empty channel.
What phenomena were studied Venting, external explosion, effect of baffles on flame acceleration, effect of variation in H2 concentration.
What phenomena / effects can be studied Ability of prediction tool to take into account flame acceleration across baffles, concentration variations, external explosion effects in connection to venting.
Instrumentation Pressure measurement in 4 locations (see sketch below), 3 at rear wall P1=(0.13m,0.299m,0.06m), P2=(0.61m,0.299m,0.06m), P3=(1.095m,0.299m,0.06m) and one outside vent P4=(1.68m,0.21m,0.001m). Ionisation gap measurements were also carried out, but these seemed less reliable.
Test variables Geometry is varied (zero or two baffles) and gas concentration is varied (empty channel)
Data description / Data completeness All pressure result in digital form
Data availability Results owned by GexCon and sponsors Norsk Hydro and Statoil
Source of data / Reference Technical Report: GexCon-03-F46201-2-rev01 (confidential)
Why were chosen Tests show the effect of external explosion, variation in gas concentration and geometry (baffles)
Relevance to the project purposes Should be highly relevant, will act as reference tests for mitigation SBEP tests with nitrogen dilution.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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