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HSL Ignited Congested Jet Releases

Experiment ID HSL Ignited, congested, Jet releases
Short Description Medium pressure jets of hydrogen (25-150) were released horizontally through orifice sizes of 1 12 mm.

The jet was directed into a congested region. The congestion rig comprised a 1m3 structure containing vertical arrays of 25 mm diameter cylindrical objects. The structure was confined by a solid floor, ceiling and back wall. The 25 mm rods were held in a number of grids. Each grid comprised 10 rods and the congestion structure could hold 10 grids. The congestion causes the turbulence within the released gas cloud to be increased. The jets were ignited and the over-pressure produced in the congestion rig was measured.

What phenomena were studied The over-pressures generated within the frame were measured.

The sound levels generated at a range of positions were recorded.

What phenomena / effects can be studied Sound levels/over-pressures at a range of distances can be determined.
Instrumentation The jet release conditions were measured using pressure transducers and a thermocouple located at the release orifice.

Kistler pressure transducers were used to measure pressures within and close to the structure at the point of ignition; hydrophone pressure transducers were used to measure the over-pressure at increasing distances from the congestion rig. Measure and hold sound level meters were used to record the maximum sound level at a number of locations up to 300 m from the test site (The sound level can be used to determine the local over-pressure.)

Test variables Stand-off distance of congestion rig, number of gates, gas pressure, orifice size, release duration.
Data description / Data completeness All pressure data in digital format. Single point readings of maximum sound levels and gas concentration readings.
Data availability Restricted to HSL and Shell Global Solutions currently.
Source of data / Reference Technical Report: HSL PS/02/07
Why were chosen No similar results elsewhere are available
Relevance to the project purposes Provide information relating to hazards from ignition of jet releases in congested areas.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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