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Experiment ID HYCOM-HYC01
Short Description Test 1st of 3 (HYC01, HYC12, HYC14). Combustion experiments have been carried out in large scale multi-compartment geometry consisted of curved channel (2.3x2.5 m cross-section and 15.5 m length) and canyon (6.3x2.5x16.4 m). Four repeatable obstacles with blockage ratio BR=0.3 installed in the channel and two obstacles in bottom part of canyon. Uniform hydrogen/air mixture with concentration of 10% H2 was tested. Ignition in the channel (I1).
What phenomena were studied Flame acceleration in the non-uniform multi-compartment geometry
What phenomena / effects can be studied Unstable subsonic flame
Instrumentation Measurements include 16 piezoresistive and 16 piezoelectric transducers, 45 collimated germanium photodiodes and 10 heat-flux gauges.
Test variables Hydrogen concentration, compartment geometry, ignition point
Data description / Data completeness All pressure and photo-diode recordings in digital form
Data availability Publicly accessible
Source of data / Reference Technical Report: EU Project HYCOM, 2004 (to be published)
Why were chosen Very well instrumented, complete description, by the moment no similar results elsewhere are available
Relevance to the project purposes Series of three experiments can be used as integral experiments for the code validation on combustion process development in complex geometries on scales relevant to industrial.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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