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Experiment ID HYCOM-MC043
Short Description Combustion experiments have been carried out in obstructed tube of 174 mm i.d. and 12.1 m long (DRIVER facility). Repeatable obstacles at distances equal to i.d.

The experimental tube was divided in two equal parts by thin polyethylene membrane (1 μm) with different blockage ratios (BR1 and BR2) and hydrogen concentrations in air (C1 and C2). Critical pressure for membrane breaking was found to be about 5 Torr. Hydrogen concentration/Obstruction (BR) for Part 1: 13% / 0.6, for Part 2: 10% / 0.3. Ignition at the tube end in Part 1.

What phenomena were studied Effect of concentration gradients (transient of accelerated flame from rich to lean mixture)

Effect of blockage ratio changes (transient of accelerated flame to the area with lower degree of obstruction)

What phenomena / effects can be studied Flame acceleration in the presence of nonuniform initial conditions
Instrumentation Three types of pressure transducers (1) piezoresistive transducers D06 (one-membrane type, frequency 1 kHz), (2) piezoresistive transducers PPD1.6 (two-membrane type, frequency 100 kHz), and (3) piezoelectric transducers PCB-H113A (frequency 100 kHz).

Collimated germanium photodiodes (up to 23) for measurement of the time-of arrival of the flame front. Time resolution of 10 µs. The photodiodes were not calibrated, and they provided flame radiation intensity qualitatively.

Test variables Blockage ratio, hydrogen concentration
Data description / Data completeness All pressure and photo-diode recordings in digital form
Data availability Publicly accessible
Source of data / Reference Technical Report: EU Project HYCOM, 2004 (to be published)
Why were chosen Very well instrumented, complete description, by the moment no similar results elsewhere are available
Relevance to the project purposes Can address separate phenomena, which are of primary interest for the project purposes.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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