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PET Tests

Experiment ID PET tests
Short Description Deflagration of different H2-air homogeneous mixture in combustion tube with adjustable transverse venting varying from 0% to 40%. Comparison of terminal flame speed and FA conditions for H2-air and hydrocarbon mixtures (CH4, C3H8).


What phenomena were studied FA and combustion propagation within the tube under transverse venting.
What phenomena / effects can be studied Prediction of FA and terminal flame speeds in different fuel-air mixtures.
Instrumentation Pressure and light transducers, video for general overview.
Test variables Fuel concentration, BR, vent ratio
Data description / Data completeness Pressure and light signals vs time. All data digitized
Data availability Available as property of FZK
Source of data / Reference FZK internal reports
Why were chosen Hydrogen-air deflagration of accidental releases in partially vented environment. Comparison with conventional fuels.
Relevance to the project purposes Direct link
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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