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Presentation At HFPGA 06

Status of responses on 27th October (request launched 22nd October)

15 out of 23 partners responded


Invitation of the coordinator to: European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform

Third General Assembly, Brussels, 6th October, 1400-1615hrs

Research Community Workshop

Objectives: - to determine what is needed to secure world-leading research capability and facilities in Europe - to identify appropriate actions and themes for deeper, more integrated research co-operation in future - to clarify the potential role the research community can play in FP7 and in partnering industry in a JTI - to consider options for a "Research Community Grouping" in association with the HFP and JTI

1400-1430: Presentations – realising a world leading, integrated research community

Chair – A Bugat (invited)

Format: 3x10 minute presentations • Introduction and statement of objectives: JRC European Commission (Marc Steen) • Initiatives to consolidate and invest in critical European research infrastructure; Frank de Bruijn (ECN) /CEA • Building the human capital: Research community's role in training scientists/engineers/ researchers – importance and experiences of networking : University professor (Marie Curie)

1430-15.20: Research Community role: partnering industry in a JTI : discussion led by ECN Format: 3x10 minute presentations plus 20 minute discussion • Concepts for research support to SMEs – fundamental research, product and process engineering; B Emonts, FZJuelich • Partnering OEMs on prototype technology demonstrators: ECN / EIFER – P Stevens • Scientific analysis, performance and durability testing, benchmarking / Creating the knowledge base for regulatory processes – T Jordan, FZKarlsruhe (invited)

15.20-16.10: Participation in FP7 and Joint Technology Initiative Format: 10 minute presentations plus 40 minute discussion moderated by M Steen, • Research community role in strategic planning, target setting and benchmarking – (JRC) • Open discussion : options for establishing a "research community grouping" within the context of HFP and JTI Panel will be formed by above speakers plus other panellists invited: S Linderoth (Risoe), P Stevens (EdF),

16.10 : Chairman's Closing remarks

Detailed Answers:

  • BAM (Ulrich Schmidtchen): Ich finde es auch sehr gut, dass das Netzwerk bei solchen Anlässen vertreten

ist. Und wenn man es nicht delegieren kann, kommt eben der Koordinator.

  • CEA (Henri Paillere):
  • DNV (Angunn Engebo): I'd like to confirm that I have received and read your email.

DNV would most certainly want HySafe to be represented at the HFP GA'06, and the HySafe coordinator would be our preferred representative - though you should of course be able to find another representative iwithin the network f you for some reason find this a better solution. However, I think at this point in our business planning process should take care not to present any visions about the future Hydrogen Safety Center/Association. We should keep these discussions within the network until we have some common view to express.

  • Fh-ICT (Gesa Langer): we also agree to Sandra´s opinion concerning the presentation at the workshop next week by the coordinator
  • FZJ (Ernie Reinecke): "hab die Info gelesen, danke! Mir ist nicht ganz klar, in welcher der 3 Sessions die HySafe-Präsentation stattfinden soll. In jedem Fall könnte die Zielsetzung eines möglichen Centers of Hydrogen Safety dargestellt (Zumindest der aktuelle Stand der Überlegungen) und damit zur Diskussion gestellt werden. Das könnte interessanten Input potentieller künftiger Kunden ergeben."
  • GexCon (Olav Hansen): "Our GexCon feedback to your question about you speaking on behalf of

HySafe. 1 We do of course find it reasonable that the coordinator of a Network like HySafe should be able to speak on behalf of HySafe (who else should, if not the coordinator?). 2 However, for the area which is most critical to our business (CFD modeling and the reliability and quality of models), we are far from happy with the opinions/messages that have been communicated from you e.g. at WHEC in Lyon as well as internally at HySafe meetings. Until your communicated messages are more in line with our opinions here our preference will be that you do not speak on behalf of HySafe anywhere. Our opinion is - Well validated CFD-tools exist for hydrogen safety, which have a predictive quality similar to what is generally accepted in oil and gas industry for natural gas

  • INASMET (Inaki Azkarate): "That is a good new. I think it is a good oportrunity for Hysafe to be present in the GA."
  • INERIS (Samira Chelhaoui): forwarded
  • HSE/HSL (Stuart Hawksworth): "Fully support you giving the presentation if you feel you are able to do

so. I will also be at HFPGA06 with Daniel but will have to leave Friday lunch time - if I can help or support you then let me know."

  • JRC (Christian Kirchsteiger): "Anliegend, wie besprochen, ein paar vorgeschlagene slides zu "use of

databases to support science". Bitte lassen Sie mich wissen, falls Sie mehr/anderes benoetigen." + slides

  • NCSRD (Alexandros Venetsanos): "I support you doing the presentation.

Regarding benchmarking, you could stress that the plan is to cover many cases corresponding to many different applications."

  • Risoe (Frank Markert): "I have seen the agenda. It is very positive that we have been invitet to the HFP meeting and think it is a good idea to participate presenting HySafe topics. I also saw that Søren Linderodt from Risø has been inviteted speaker next after your turn. He is to your information Risø's head of department for SOFC fuelcell development."
  • UPM (Eduardo Gallego): "received and read. Looking to the title of the presentation, my suggestion is that you try to remark the "unresolved safety issues" that could have been identified in HySafe (for instance, after the PIRT exercise), as well as the needs for the future in terms of assessing / regulating a safe use of H2 (for instance, simplified tools). Of course, do not forget the fundamental importance of training/education and dissemination of knowledge, with the funding stones that HySafe has started to set: BHRS, ICHS, e-academy, HIAD, ..."
  • UU (Vladimir Molkov, Arief Dahoe):"Enclosed are the presentation of WP15 at the HySafe-CC11 meeting, and a paper on Education and Training on Hydrogen Safety.You can use this information to present a summary of the educational activities of HySafe.

Perhaps you could make a few (rough) slides of how you would like to present things, and send these to me to fill in the details (with track changes)." + slides

  • Volvo (Paul Adams): "Of course it’s a good idea, however, I suggest that you also check if someone else already plans to attend from HySafe who could make the presentation."
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