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Research Needs

From the Symposium Papers of the "Hydrogen for Energy Distribution" July 24-28, 1978

Article "How safe is Hydrogen?" by J. Hord: pp 615:

H2 Safety Research Needs:

  1. Provide analyses and experimental data to determine vapor cloud dispersion characteristics (near-field and far-field) resulting from large liquid spills.
  2. Fires: Assess thermal radiation effects and the effects of water vapor absorption.
  3. Evaluate existing fire control techniques: dry chemicals, foams, etc. as found useful in controlling LNG fires.
  4. Experimentally determine vaporization rates for large pools of liquid hydrogen (surface and material effects).
  5. Correlate analytical studies with experimental studies to determine liquid spreading rates, resulting from large liquid spills.
  6. Determine practical lower flammable limit for the propagation of open air explosions (8%+ H2-in-air?).
  7. Experimentally verify detonation in open air detonable clouds. (Evaluate strong initiator and the possibility of transition from deflagration to detonation in the absence of turbulence inducers).
  8. Confinement: (What constitutes sufficient confinement to sustain a detonation or higher order explosion?). Determine the effects of weak walls, elastic curtains, etc. on the transition to detionation, relief of deflagrations, etc.
  9. Model and study the effects of piping complex and turbulence-inducing appurtenances, for example, subdivisions, trees, buildings, etc. on transition to detonation
  10. Evaluate the effects of various liquid spill quantities, spill-and-surrounding configurations, atmospheric conditions, ignition energy, and ignition time delays on resultant blast hazards.
  11. Perform systematic studies of the ignition energy of potential ignition sources in order to classify practical ignition sources as weak or strong initiators.
  12. Establish appropriate flame-arrester criteria and design/develop reliable flame-arresters
  13. Evaluate odorants and illuminants for improved leakage and flame detection
  14. Systematically evaluate and catalog the hydrogen embrittlement (material compatibility) characteristics of practical containment materials.
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