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Safety Tests On Worst Case Scenarios

Experiment ID Safety tests on worst case scenarios
Short Description

Gas explosions, e.g. hydrogen-air, under defined conditions (gas concentration, ignition…) on industrial and commercial facilities and devices (e.g. fuel cell vehicles, lasers, hydrogen storage systems…)

         The example shows a hydrogen air explosion inside a commercial 1000 liter plastics container

What phenomena were studied
What phenomena / effects can be studied Representation and reconstruction of hazardous scenarios in order to carry out damage effects to minimize potential risks and to verify constructive mitigation techniques.
  • Transient multi channel pressure measurement based on piezoelectric and resistive pressure transducers / amplifiers with high time resolution
  • Multi channel Temperature measurements based on thermocouples
  • High-speed spectroscopy (near infrared and ultraviolet and visible range)
  • Background oriented schlieren technique (BOS)– visualization of expanding hot gas clouds and pressure waves with high time resolution
  • Visualisation and documentation with high speed digital imaging systems
Test variables Highly time resolved pressure and temperature histories as well as the optical visualization techniques are suited to evaluate risks and to develop and optimize constructive mitigation techniques
Data description / Data completeness All data is available in electronic format for each test.
Data availability The datasets are owned by ICT and our project partners.
Source of data / Reference Confidential ICT reports
Why were chosen
Relevance to the project purposes
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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