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Shell Hydrogen Refuelling Station HRS-1

Experiment ID Shell Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS-1)
Short Description A mock-up of a Hydrogen Refuelling Station, which includes a brick wall, two dispensers and simplified steel structure representing a vehicle, was designed; Figs. 1 and 2 show the refuelling station from two angles.

Figure 1 Front view of the rig       Figure 2 Side view of the rig with polythene film
Polythene film is wrapped around the rig, which is then filled with a homogeneous stoichiometric hydrogen-air mixture. The ignition source is spark plug generating ignition energy of ca. 50 mJ. The ignition location is between the dispensers and the vehicle as described in Fig. 3 below. Fig. 4 shows a schematic drawing of the vehicle.


Figure 3 Sensor locations      Figure 4 Schematic drawing of the vehicle

What phenomena were studied The over-pressures generated within and outside the frame were measured.

The sound levels generated was recorded at one position 100 m away. Video footage from one angles at 0° to the set-up

What phenomena / effects can be studied Over-pressures at a range of distances can be determined, see Fig. 3 for the exact locations of the pressure transducers.
Instrumentation Two types of pressure sensors were deployed. Brüel & Kjær 8103 hydrophones were used to record ‘lower’ overpressures and Kulite Series ETL-345F-375M 4 MPa piezo-resistive transducers were used to measure ‘higher’ overpressures. A video camera was recording the experiment.
Test variables Different ignition locations and the effect on the resultant over-pressure were investigated. The results from one ignition location test are available to HySafe.
Data description / Data completeness All pressure data are available in digital format.
Data availability Restricted to Shell Hydrogen Projects BV, Shell Global Solutions and HSL currently, except for one test, which is described here.
Source of data / Reference Shirvill, L. C., and Roberts, T. A., Designing for Safe Operations: Understanding the Hazards Posed by High-Pressure Leaks from Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling Systems, National Hydrogen Association Annual Hydrogen Conference, March 12-16, 2006, 2006.
Why were chosen No similar experiments have been carried out, to our knowledge.
Relevance to the project purposes Provide information relating to over-pressures generated during an explosion in a mock-up of a Hydrogen Refuelling Station with a typical inventory, e.g. dispensers and a vehicle.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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