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UU 02

Experiment ID UU-02
Short Description Deflagration of large-scale (initial radius 10 m) hemispherical stoichiometric hydrogen-air mixture in open atmosphere ignited at the centre of hemisphere.

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What phenomena were studied Flame front propagation and pressure generation after point ignition of initially quiescent mixture.
What phenomena / effects can be studied Flame propagation dynamics in open atmosphere, pressure wave generation and propagation.
Instrumentation Pressure transducers, video cameras to obtain flame contours.
Test variables -
Data description / Data completeness Snapshots of flame contours up to 20 m and average flame front radius in time, pressure-time transients at 2, 2.4, 5, 6.5, 8, 18, 25, 35, 60, 80 m from the ignition point.
Data availability Experiment performed by HySafe partner (FhG-ICT)
Source of data / Reference 1. Schneider H., Pförtner H. PNP-Sichcrheitssofortprogramm, Prozebgasfreisetzung-Explosion in der gasfabrik und auswirkungen von Druckwellen auf das Containment. Dezember 1983.

2. Becker T., Ebert F., Vergleich zwischen experiment und theorie der explosion grober, freier gaswolken. Chem.-Ing.-Tech., V.57, N.1, pp.42-45, 1985

Why were chosen Largest ever experiment on hydrogen-air deflagration in open atmosphere.
Relevance to the project purposes One of the possible scenarios in practice is hydrogen-air deflagration in open atmosphere.
Experimental data
Results of simulations
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