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WP 17

This list is just for reminding our webmaster of the following improvements

  • General
  • Documents
    • Give a summary on top (like: "259 files, first upload 20.5.2004, last 31.3.2006,...")
    • Allow multiple upload taking filename as default name
    • Default "all" access level for any uploaded document
      • Done. Field "Access groups" now initially filled with value all. Which means than if uploading person will not touch this field than document will be visible to all valid users of HySafe website.
  • Meetings
    • Simple HTML Text field for each meeting to describe travelling and accomodation opportunities
      • Done. In addition TinyMCE editor is installed for editing HTML information.
    • copy of agendas from one meeting to a new meeting
    • mail to meetings participants
      • Question: How should look like the meething maillist address?
        Meeting short names usually contain characters not allowed for e-mail addresses.
  • Reminders, Notifications, Voting system - all that require some active feedback from user.
    • Notifications. We should somehow force people to mark read notifications.
    • Reminders for deliverables that are close to/after deadlines.
    • Voting system should be created to collect feedback on some topic from specific list of users.
  • Project Proposals
  • Beautify
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Page last modified on September 25, 2006, at 05:50 PM