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Description Of BRHS

In few words, the Biennial Report on Hydrogen Safety is intended to periodically deliver information on existing knowledge, gaps and progress on hydrogen safety issues. It pulls together existing scientific and technical information shared between members of the HySafe consortium and beyond when available. This document provides technical insight into the state of the art knowledge on hydrogen safety, ranging from basic physical and chemical knowledge (dispersion, combustion) up to practical information related. This information is for instance regarding state of the art risk control measures or emergency response plans. The various topics dealt with in this document are by order of appearance:

  • Hydrogen fundamentals
  • Engineering
  • Hydrogen release and dispersion
  • Hydrogen ignition
  • Hydrogen combustion
  • Effect of hydrogen on materials
  • Accidental consequences
  • Risk assessment
  • Prevention measures
  • Detection measures
  • Mitigation measures
  • Safety examples for key hydrogen technologies
  • Regulation and standards

It is a living document that aims at providing support to people and professionals in their everyday work. The intended recipients will be among others - safety engineers, designers, users, fire-brigades, public authorities and policy makers, etc. Information published in this report will reflect scientific and technical quality, impartiality, transparency as well as a duty of prevention. This living document will be updated on a biennial basis in coordination and accordance with the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety. Its content can be seen as the basis of any curriculum on hydrogen safety.

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