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How To Doc 2 Wiki

1) Preparation

Make sure that the main chapter (heading 1 like chapter 1 "Hydrogen fundamentals") exists on the main page BRHS. The same should be checked for the level 2 chapters (headings 2 like "Introduction" of the chapter 1 "Hydrogen fundamentals"). This is called the associated Wiki page. Open the Word document and if not yet existent create or else open the associated Wiki page for editing. For tests you might use first the test page.

If you realise that header are connnected words goto the Group root page (here BRHS), edit this page, introduce at a any place [[BRHS/GroupHeader]]; save and edit the GroupHeader, add (:spacewikiwords:) on top of the GroupHeader page, and all leaves of this group should have headers with suitable spacing.

2) Text transfer

Mark the text of the level 2 chapter in the Word document, copy (e.g. via Ctrl-C) and paste (e.g. via Ctrl-V) the text in the open Wiki edit window. Save the Wiki page via "Save and edit". Any sub-structuring should be then done starting with !!! (sub-subchapters then with !!!! and so on).

3) Other elements

The sequence of the transfer of the following elements is deliberate.

Transferring tables

For each tabledo the following:

  • Mark the table in the Word document, copy and paste it just beneath in the same Word document.
  • Add to the copy of the table an empty column on the left and on the right.
  • Mark the copy of the table and chose Table/Convert/Convert to text option and chose a unique separator best a "|"
  • Replace the separator (suggested "|") with "||"
  • Copy (e.g. via Ctrl-C) and
  • Paste (e.g. via Ctrl-V) in the text in the open Wiki edit window.
  • Save the Wiki page via "Save and edit".

In a single Wiki page the numbering of tables should be simply in ascending order always starting from "1". The same applies for the numbering of figures.

This is only sufficient for very simple tables. For more sophisticated formatting of tables see the instructions on tables or click on the references "Tables: Simple - Advanced" right down below.

Transferring figures

First check here whether the figure has been already uploaded In the best case you will have the figures as high resolution pictures separately available. If not save the pictures in separate files by either

  • right click, copy and insert it in IrfanView for instance or
  • use a screen capture program like MWSnap. Make sure that you zoomed the picture to the maximum as these tools usually rely on the screen representation.
  • Save the picture as "*.gif" or "*.jpeg" best according to the following naming convention Ch_4_1_Fig5_V1.jpg (means in main Chapter 4, Sub-Chapter 1, 5th figure, version number 1, which might be omitted) locally best in a folder close to the actual Word document. In a single Wiki page the numbering of figures & tables should be simply in ascending order always starting from "1".
  • Insert %rframe% Attach:NewPicture.gif | Figure 1. Suitable subtitle describing the figure (of course change the file name and figure number and subtitle to the appropriate ones, in case introduce [[<<]] to break the line in the subtitle)
  • Save it
  • Click on the Attach:NewPicture.gif link and follow the instructions to
  • upload the actual picture

Transferring mathematical formulas

The easiest was to transfer formulas is with the help of MathType (~ 100 US$ license fee).

With MathType installed double click on the formula in the Word document. MathType opens and the first time you should change the options of the converter (Options/Converter) to "Tex -- Plain TeX" and switch off both additional check boxes to exclude further information in the formula.

For each formula (which you can't directly see in the Wiki edit but in the Word document) do the following:

  • Mark the whole formula in the MathType window,
  • Copy (e.g. via Ctrl-C) and
  • Paste (e.g. via Ctrl-V) in the text in the open Wiki edit window.
  • Remove all "&" in the pasted formula.
  • Save the Wiki page via "Save and edit".

It might be easier to remove all "&" in Word. To this end paste the formula in the Word document and do the editing there before transferring it to the Wiki.

Of course you can directly edit the formulas by hand. On you will find a nice tutorial. If you once have "programmed" a formula you might easily re-use it by copy and paste. Also you might formulas already available on BRHS.

Transferring references

Login on and goto the bibliography database .

For each reference in the text do the following:

  • Search for the referred document on the bibliography database.
  • Replace the reference with the database entry {[DB,"index"]}, where "index" is the first element in the database reference after the opening bracket "{".
  • At the end of of the Wiki page add bibtexsummary:[DB,"index"].

Some additional information might be found on WikiSandbox. Please restrict further formatting to ultimately needed construction.

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