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Lead Chapter Authors (Editors) have the right to adapt the text to general requirements. In case of a dispute the Lead Chapter Authors will discuss and decide.

Articles should have an engineering level scope.

Articles should be limited to 1000 words (5000 characters).

Use British English in general.

For each article restart numbering for figures, equations and tables starting from 1,... (if required at all)

Each article should be closed by the list of references. Standard "Oxford" format will be provided via Andrzej T.


Pictures shall be included in text flow right hand side aligned (max size 200 points) using the %rframe directive; capture text has to be added directly... keep it short, use text instead for details. Each image should be made available in two qualities: high resolution (not more than 5MB) + online small resultion with the above 200 points width max). Color is ok. Format: png, jpg, gif are preferred in this order. Caption: "Fig. 1: Caption text" (plain text, not bold) Should be referred to by: ... see Fig. 1 ...,... only at the beginning of a sentence full word: Figure 1 shows.... usually "see..." is not required just use "(Fig. 2)" for instance.


No commas at end of equation as text continuation, numbered on right hand side like : (1),... (8)... Number shall be formatted such that they appear on the right border (Task Alexander Lelyakin) Should be referred to by: Eq. (1) ...,... only at the beginning of a sentence full word: Equation 1 shows....


Use the following example as template:

Table 1: This is the template table for the Encyclopaedia of Hydrogen Safety


Maximum area, cm2
Group IIA Group IIB Group IIC
0 50 25 4
1 100 100 20
2 No limit No limit No limit

Refer to the table via: shown in Tab. 1.... Only at the beginning of the sentance use full word: "Table 1 summarises..."; the "gray" scale should be 15% or lightgray


The list of references at the end of the chapter should be in alphabetical order and inc1ude the names and initials of the authors (see examples below). Names of journals should be abbreviated in accordance the rules in the Bibliographic Guide for Editors and Authors. The references should be styled in accordance with the following examples:

Journal article:

Damm HJ, Meyer H, Burger J (1981) A cluster algorithm for jet studies, Z.Phys. C - Particles and Fields 8:167

Complete book:

Vorozhtsov EV, Yanenko NN (1990) Methods for the localization of singularities in numerical solutions of gas dynamics problems. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York

Single contribution in a book:

Hawley JF (1983) Hydrodynamics near the central engine. In: Peyret R, Taylor TD (eds) Computational methods for fluid flow. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg York, pp 369-386

In the text the author-date system should used "(Rohlfs 1986; Schroter and Schussler 1987; White et al. 1986)" or "and the study of Maier and Muller (1985)".

Use the database of literature on to search for references and enter new references. Use the following scheme in the Wiki: (ZabetakisMG:1961)

Examples of BibTeX usage

First some citations: (ChenCJ:1980) (BielertU:2001)

Than some more citations: (ChenCJ:1980),(BielertU:2001),(ChenCJ:1980),(BielertU:2001)

Than follows full list of references by inserting {[LIST,NS]} :


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