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List Of H 2 Projects

Hydrogen in mobile and stationary devices - safe and effective storage solution (HYMOSSES)

Integral large scale experiments on hydrogen combustion for severe accident code validation (HYCOM)

Integration of renewable hydrogen into the hydrogen economy - target action i (RENEWABLE-H2)

Preparing for the hydrogen economy by using the existing natural gas system as a catalyst (NATURALHY)

Safety of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier (HYSAFE)

1,5 kWel SOFC Demonstration Unit

2 kWe PEMFC prototype for submarine applications. PICOS. PF-99-32

700 Bar Hydrogen Fuel Tank for Passenger Cars

700 Bar Hydrogen Fuel Tank for Passenger Cars

A fuel cell research, development and demonstration strategy for Europe up to 2005

Advanced Technologies for Hydrogen Storage- Subtask EQHHPP

AGRO-ROBOT Hydrogen fuelled pick-and-placed unit

Alternative energy sources for road transport project section hydrogen technology

Alternative for Transport Hydrogen in Toulouse and Dunkerque - ALT-HY-TUDE

Ammonia Craking for Clean Electric Power Technology.ACCEPT

Analysis of data from spilling experiments performed with liquid hydrogen

Assessment and prospects on security, regulation and the standardization of the systems fuel cells. SEREPAC. PF-99-51

Batteries and fuel cells for a better environment

Bavarian Fuel Cell Bus: Fuel Cell Propulsion for Urban Heavy Duty Vehicles

California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)

Center for Fuel Cell Technology

Ceramic Membranes for Hydrogen Separation. CERHYSEP

CityCell Fuel Cell Energy in Cities

Commercial evaluation of PAFC

Compact methanol reformer test-design construction and operation of a 25 kW unit

Comparison of different propulsion systems in private transport in terms of energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gases

Cryoplane: Jet aircraft with LH2 or LNG fuelling

Definition of relevant technologies and their development potential for the non-polluting operation of public transport buses on the basis of regenerative energy sources

Design and engineering of a 100 KW MCFC cogeneration plant (natural gas) and a 100 KW MCFC power plant (coal gas)

Developing and testing of an innovative 30 bar, low cost, small size Pressure Module Electrolyser (PME) in the MW power range for the cost effective production of electrolytic hydrogen

Development in Greece of Hydrogen Technologies

Development of a 50 watt PEM fuel cell for portable applications

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell review

DMFC module for non-road transport and mobile applications

DOE Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration

Domestic EMergency Advanced Generator (DEMAG)

Establishing the basis for safety analysis of fuel cell heating appliances (SABINE)

EUHYFIS European Hydrogen Filling Station – infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles based on renewable energies

Euro-Quebec Hydro-Hydrogen Pilot Project EQHHPP

European integrated hydrogen project (EIHP)

European Integrated Hydrogen Project - Phase II.EIHP2

Exist – SEED development of noval hydrogen sensors

Fabrication and theoretical analysis of NOVEL metal-insulator-semiconductor gas sensors for hydrogen detection

Feasability study of an urban fuel cell network with coal gasifier

Firing of hythane – Material characteristics of hydrogen-methane mixtures

Fuel Cell Application in a New Configured Aircraft CELINA

Fuel cell based combined heat and power plant

Fuel cell development at Vaillant

Fuel Cell Energy Systems Standardised for Large Transport, Busses and Stationary Applications. FEBUSS

Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle System Component Development HYSYS

Fuel Cell Innovative Remote Energy System for Telecom (FIRST)

Fuel cell powered electric vehicle for efficiency and range FEVER

Fuel cell technology in ships. FC-SHIP

Fuel Cell Testing, Safety, Quality Assurance FCTESQA

Fuel Cell Transit Bus Coordination and Evaluation Plan - California Fuel Cell Transit Evaluation Team

Fuel cells for naval ships

Fuel cells power Trains and clustering in heavy-duty transport FELICITAS

Fuel distibution infrastructure study

Fuel-cell - Flywheel hybrid vehicle

Fuel-cell drive system for mobile applications in hard-coal underground mining

Generic Fuel Cell Modelling Environment GenFC

Hanau investigation

Handbook for Approval of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations HYAPPROVAL

Harmonisation of standards and regulations for a sustainable hydrogen and fuel cell technology (HarmonHy)

High pressure cartridge for Hydrogen distribution for portable and mobile fuel-cell-systems

Hybrid Bus Powered by Fuel Cell and Flywheel

HyChain HydrogenChallenge

HYDRA -world´s first passenger ship with AFC system

Hydrogen car with internal combustion engine

Hydrogen Combustion in the Context of Fire and Explosion Safety (HYFIRE)

Hydrogen Competence Center Berlin

Hydrogen detection device

Hydrogen generation from stand-alone wind-powered electrolysis systems


Hydrogen Production at offshore Wind Parks

Hydrogen Storage Containers on the base of Metal Hydrides

Hydrogen storage in hydrides for safe energy systems (HYSTORY)

Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Application (STORHY)

Hydrogen Supply for SPFC vehicles

Hydrogen Vehicle based on a Danish produced PEM Fuel Cell - Part 2

Hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure in view of European Licensing



Improved hydrogen storage alloys for cadmium-free high performance rechargeable batteries utilizing closed loop recycling

Improved Modelling of Turbulent Hydrogen Combustion and Catalytical Recombination for Hydrogen Risk Mitigation

Influence of segregation on hydrogen cracking in structural steels

Influence of Single Obstacles on the Propagation of Hydrogen-Air Flames

Integral large scale experiments on hydrogen combustion for severe accident code validation. HYCOM

Intelligent DC/DC converter for fuel cell road vehicles (INTELLICON)

Intrinsically Safe Optical Hydrogen Sensor Based on Surface Plasmon Phenomenon (HYDROGENS)

Investigation of the "Opportunities and Risks in the increased use of Hydrogen"

JHFC Japan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Demonstration Project

Joint project DeepC: active stand-alone submarine vehicle for deep sea diving – fuel cell system

Lightweight hydrogen storage for hydrogen vehicle

Liquid hydrogen fuelled aircraft - System analysis. CRYOPLANE

Liquid Hydrogen Level Transmitter

Liquid hydrogen release (Subtask of EQHHPP)

Local production and storage unit of hydrogen for an optimization of stationary fuel cell systems. PLUSPAC. PF-99-38

London Hydrogen Transport Programm of the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP)

Long-term scenarios for global energy supply

Market potential analysis for introduction of hydrogen energy technology in stand alone power systems.

Metal hydride storage for hydrogen vehicle

Methanol supply and its role in the commercialisation of SPFC vehicles

Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Micro reactor technology for hydrogen and electricity.MIRTH-E

Miniaturized hydrogen sensors

Model tank for sea transport of liquid hydrogen (subtask of EQHHPP)

Multidimensional simulation of hydrogen-distribution and turbulent combustion in severe accidents

New complex hydrides for hydrogen storage

New Methods for Superior Integrated Hydrogen Generation System NEMESIS

Permeation of hydrogen and other gases trough polymere pressurized vessels and seals (Dissertation)


Photovoltaic fuel-cell hybrid system for electricity and heat production for remote sites.PVFC-SYS

Prediction of pressure vessel integrity in creep hydrogen service

Prediction of the Transition from Deflagration to Detonation (DDT) in H2/Air/H2O-Mixtures

Prediction of the Transition from Deflagration to Detonation (DDT) in H2/Air/H2O-Mixtures

Pressure Module Electrolyser (PME)

Production of renewable hydrogen from biological systems and storage in metal hydrides

Reduction of iron ore with hydrogen or reducing gas rich in hydrogen under environmental aspects

Regulations for sea transport of hydrogen (Subtask of EQHPP)

Research co-Ordination, Assessment, Deployment and Support to HyCOM ROADS2HYCOM

Research of a solar hydrogen production system in a privat house in Switzerland

Risk analysis of hydrogen as a vehicular fuel

Safety aspects related to the utilization of hydrogen in the other projects in the Danish Hydrogen programme

Safety Assessment of Hydrogen Buses

Safety standards, legislation and codes of practice for fuel cell manufacture and operation

Safety study for Cryoplane

Safety study for Cryoplane (Do 328)

Sea transportation concept of liquid hydrogen

Solar hydrogen Bavaria – Testing field in Neunburg/ Bavaria (SWB)

Solid oxide fuel cell balance of plant test rig

Stationary application of a PEM fuel cell FED with waste hydrogen ( FC STAT )

Studies within EQHHPP

Suitability of the natural gas grid for pure hydrogen distribution, phase 2

Testing of an innovative cogeneration plant with 200 KW phosphoric acid fuel cell

The H2 Truck - europe's first batch produced vehicle

Thematic network on fuel cells and their applications for electric & hybrid vehicles. ELEDRIVE

Turin Hydrogen Bus Project

Urban Solar-Hydrogen Economy Realisation (USHER)

W.E.I.T. Project Hydrogen-Energy Iceland-Transfer

Zeolites as media for hydrogen storage (Subtask B7 of SFB 270)

Zero-Hazard Gas Storage by Multisensing Optical Monitoring System. ZEM

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