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One of the integrating activities of the EC supported network HySafe has been the collection and dissemination of existing know-how in a "Biennial Report on Hydrogen Safety". It has been decided to address the engineering demands and to provide a living memory to other potentially interested parties, like other projects, authorities, teachers, or even journalists. This induced several constraints, like overall size of the document, encyplopedia style, ommitting of basic scientific issues with little practical relevance etc.

This second edition has been edited using modern web tools, in particular the collaborative environment of a Wiki. This will allow an easy maintenance and updating of the document(s) in the future, even including contributions by the readers. The format has been homogenised and improved for a article orientated reading.

Regarding technical content some gaps of the first edition have been closed, mainly based on material provided by contributions to the 2nd International Conference on Hydrogen Safety ICHS. In general the handbook has matured and shall serve as an open reference when it comes to hydrogen safety related issues.

If you feel that some content is inappropriate or missing please contact directly the working group via

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