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Recent Progress

Recent Progress

At the time of writing this report we find that hydrogen energy and fuel cells become increasingly important in economical and also political terms. Those who make regulations and standards see this and increase their activity. IEC TC 105 has meanwhile produced a lot of urgently needed papers and will continue to do so. ISO TC 197 is in a similar situation.

In terms of legal requirements the sector which needs the greatest attention is hydrogen as fuel for road vehicles and the associated infrastructure. For the reasons explained above in detail a global regulation is not available and will not be for a while. So the European Commission has submitted a draft for the political part of an European Regulation for the type approval of hydrogen cars. However, the EU Regulation is expected to come into force in 2011/2012 at around the same time that the UNECE GTR is planned to be adopted. HySafe as well has sent a position paper on the original draft to the EC. The EC funded project HyApproval works on the establishment of a Handbook for the approval of hydrogen refuelling stations for road vehicles, first in Europe but due to its international partners also coordinated with the leading world markets (China, Japan, USA). The important and difficult thing with a document on a field developing as rapidly as this is to make it specific enough to meet its purpose while at the same time not to make it so specific that it restrains technical progress. Since national regulations in some countries make it practically impossible to put a hydrogen car on public roads the intended regulation is in principle highly desirable. Some common guide on approving filling stations would also be of help, though here the national regulations have a greater weight. Since December 2007, the HyApproval Handbook is available for download at:

Appendix V will become available in the first half of 2008.

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