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Suitability Of BRHS

The BRHS answers a real need of risk evaluators. It is a collection of the best of knowledge of the various HySafe partners. It should be seen as an encyclopaedia that will grow along with knowledge on hydrogen safety. It undoubtedly supports the dissemination of the HySafe consortium knowledge for the benefit of safe hydrogen economy. Since this report aspired to be the main reference in the topic of hydrogen safety, it is same to assume that it will be available at most libraries and research facilities, especially the ones dealing with hydrogen as an energy carrier. In this manner, digital and hard copies of the BRHS will be purchased by these institutions. This will generate an amount of revenue which will under current assessment be at least equal to the costs related to the creation, maintenance, publishing and distribution of the BRHS.

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Page last modified on March 02, 2007, at 05:14 PM