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Other transport applications include:

  • Heavy trucks & long distance buses - Industry puts less priority on the early development of drive systems for heavy trucks and long distance buses using hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Main reasons are the high efficiency and the achievable driving range of current diesel trucks at low costs
  • Construction vehicles so far very limited development
  • Trains several potential applications foreseen
  • Leisure boats several demonstration projects on the use of FC on-board suggested
  • Small ships and ferries high interest for transport tasks close to shore due to the high pollutants of diesel. Potential European markets are Scandinavia. Iceland and Norway have developed some initiatives
  • Aircraft feasibility studies carried out in the EQHHPP project. Development depends on price development of kerosene. Extensive R&D is necessary. EADS is investigating an emergency power supply based on a PEMFC and local gaseous storage for aircraft

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