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European Regulationfor Hydrogen Vehicles

Following the 2005 decision of UNECE WP29 to develop a completely new GTR for hydrogen vehicles, the European Commission proposed a European Regulation based on the draft ECE hydrogen regulations. The European Regulation on the Type Approval of Hydrogen Powered Motor vehicles will adopt a split approach meaning that it will consist of two documents:

i) The political, co-decision document will be presented for discussion and adoption by the European Parliament and the Council, including scope, reason, etc. The document: ( ) was adopted by the European Commission on 10 October 2007 and has now been sent to the European Parliament and Council.

ii) The technical, comitology document (including technical requirements and testing procedures) is to be presented for discussion and adoption at Commission level through CATP (Committee for the Adaptation to Technical Progress). Work on this document started in January 2008.

The scope of the EU Regulation includes all category M and N road vehicles, e.g. cars, buses and light/heavy duty goods vehicles. It also covers both compressed gaseous hydrogen (CGH2) and liquid hydrogen storage (LH2).

The approach means that the two documents will be discussed in parallel, so some technical discussions can take place with the aim of improving the current drafts. The co-decision proposal could be adopted by the European Parliament and Council by the end of 2008/early 2009 and the aim is to have the comitology document agreed at the same time. With a 2 year transition period, the regulation could be applicable to new vehicle types by 2011 and to all vehicles by 2012. In comparison the UNECE GTR (see above) has a target adoption date of late 2010.

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