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Transportof Hazardous Goods

The TPED (The Council Directive 1999/36/EC on transportable pressure equipment) applies to transportable pressure equipment and is mandatory since July 1st, 2003 for gas cylinders. It is also be applicable to bundles, drums and trailers. Its domain does not include fuel tanks, but only payloads.

In the case of the hydrogen energy applications, it is particularly relevant for the transport of hydrogen to the filling stations. It is also applicable to H2 pressure tanks used on vehicle when these tanks are removable, refilled independently from the vehicle and transported to hydrogen depots.

Like for the PED, a number of “Notified Bodies” have been notified to Brussels by the authorities of each EU member states. These Notified Bodies can make the evaluation of conformity of the pressure equipment. This evaluation is confirmed by the “P” mark applied onto the equipment. Any Notified Body (for every country) can approve a P marked equipment to be used in every country of the EU.

This Directive defines the main requirements and refers to the ADR/RID for the specific requirements.

ADR/RID is the transport regulation by road (ADR) and rail (RID) for Europe and many other countries around. TPED refers to “Class 2” (gases), ADR/RID covering also others dangerous substances.

EN (and ISO) standards are referred into the ADR/RID and give presumption of conformity to ADR/RID but normally other routes complying with the technical requirements of ADR/RID can be followed.

Contrary to the PED, TPED also covers the use of the equipment including periodic inspection and any other operational requirement. Consequently, it provides full harmonization in Europe. It also allows to “reassess” old national equipment to transform them into “P” equipment.

In addition to “Notified Bodies”, “Approved Bodies” can be nominated with a restricted scope.

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